3rd Annual Theta Chi Golf Tournament Scheduled

Dear Theta Chi Alumni,

Theta Chi Fraternity at California State University, Chico is hosting its 3rd Annual Theta Chi Charity Golf Tournament. Our first two tournaments were a huge success raising a significant amount of money that went in part to help support local charities. In our first year we were able to make a generous donation to the Boys and Girls Club of Chico, and in our second year we were able to make a donation to Chico Green School. This year in order to build a stronger Chapter we will be utilizing our golf tournament earnings to send members of our fraternity to a National Leadership Conference.

Event Details & Registration: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/740993331

We are looking for sponsors and donors to help fund our tournament by donating either money or prizes for the check-in bags, raffle, and silent auction. For $50, your company’s name and logo will be put on a professionally made sign, which will be on display at a tee box for everyone to see. For $200, your sign can be displayed on every cart plus a sign on a tee box. We would appreciate any type of contribution you may be able to provide.

Our fraternity strives to achieve success academically, socially, and within our local community. Over the years we have participated in many philanthropic events such as Up ‘til Dawn to help fund cancer research, on-campus blood drives, and by winning the “Greek Week” title two years in a row recently. We are the largest fraternity on campus, and make every effort to be leaders in the community. We hope that you will consider helping this years tournament be the best one yet.

Thank you for taking the time to consider sponsoring (or donating to) our tournament.


Brian Robinson
Tournament Director

Theta Chi / Eta Omega's Future: the '1981 Club'

Dear Eta Omega Brother:

2009 was a banner year for Theta Chi, Chico State

1st floor and basement renovated, sprinkler system installed, refinance of old 11% APR mortgage, Greek Week winners, top rush numbers, unprecedented alumni involvement, revival of the “Eta Omegaphone” newsletter. The chapter and the alumni organization are running on all cylinders.

We have bigger goals for 2010 and beyond

Despite all of the hard work and good fortune we will not stop until the Theta Chi house at 630 W 5th Street is completely restored. We’re half way there, but we need your help to finish the job.

Plans for phase 2 of the house remodel

We already have architectural plans for the 2nd and final phase of the chapter house remodel. Now we just need to raise the funds for the work…and we can do it with your small $19.81 donation when you join the “1981 Club”.

Join the “1981 Club”

Pledge a recurring donation of $19.81 per month (in honor of the founding of the chapter in 1981), and become a member of the new “1981 Club” – and help move us one step closer to fully restoring the chapter house.

The 1981 Club is makes it easy for you to make a small donation automatically by credit card each month. You just sign up once…set it, and forget it

If 500 alumni sign up for the 1981 Club we could pay for the 2nd phase of the house remodel in cash after about 2 years. That’s our goal. Click to join: http://www.etaomega.org/donate/1981-club/

What the money is for?

We will complete the much needed renovation of Eta Omega’s chapter house in Chico. The downstairs (phase 1) renovation, completed in 2009 was funded by a loan from Theta Chi Headquarters. To pay for the rest of the renovation (estimated to be about $250,000) we have to raise the money up front. We cannot afford to borrow this money – we must raise it ourselves.

How will my small donation help?

This small contribution is probably less than you spend on coffee in a week – definitely less than you spend on beer. Yet if only 200 brothers join the 1981 Club, we will raise nearly $50,000 in just over 12 months. If enough brothers sign up we could pay for this renovation in cash in just 30 months. Don’t wait for “someone else” to take care of this. The chapter’s success rests in your hands. Take a few seconds to sign up online with your credit or debit card, and you’re done. That’s it.

The first members of the 1981 Club

To demonstrate our absolute commitment to this effort, every member of the Eta Omega Alumni Board joined the “1981 Club” back in January. After just 3 months we have raised over $475 by ourselves.

  • J. Reither – F’95
  • T. Hyatt – F’93
  • P. Smith – F’03
  • E. Stone – F’89
  • B. Davis – F’82
  • M. Geenen – F’80
  • T. Ticen – F’97
  • W. Shoffner – F’00
  • Be the next member: http://etaomega.org/donate/1981-club/

These eight brothers are a start

But again, we can’t achieve our goal without you. We must have full participation. Click the link above and join these brothers who have already made their commitment to Theta Chi, Eta Omega.

Pledge class competition

Oh yeah…we’ll be periodically announcing which pledge classes have signed up the most members. DFYPB!

UPDATE (3/16/2010): Spring ’96 is off to a good start – two brothers from that pledge class (C. Boden and D. Campbell) signed up before we even announced this campaign

Thank you for your continued involvement and support.

Your Eta Omega Alumni Volunteer Leadership

Theta Chi: Support the National Fraternity


Eta Omega has over 700 initiates since we were first became a chapter back in 1982. But having all those initiates is meaningless unless each and every alumnus participates in the betterment of the fraternity as a whole. That is why I am asking each and every one of you who reads this email to go online and make a minimum pledge of $10 to the Foundation Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity. 

As many of you may already know we are in the planning stages of a major renovation of the house.  The funding for this huge effort will be made possible through a loan from Theta Chi.  Without their assistance a loan of this size would be next to impossible to obtain. Continue reading “Theta Chi: Support the National Fraternity”

What a $3.7 Million Theta Chi Fraternity House Looks Like

Our house at 630 w.5th Street in Chico is a great and historic structure on one of the best lots in town. But it has taken a beating since it was built around 1910, and especially since we moved in. It’s up to code, and serves as a safe and healthy home for the in-housers, but the place has looked better. Seeing how other chapters have rebuilt their houses makes us fired up for the potential at the 5th and Ivy lot.

The alumni task force that we formed initially focused on fundraising, but has shifted to evaluating our options regarding how to update/upgrade or even totally re-build the house. One of our best options might be to apply for a housing loan and a life safety loan from National. But to do that we’ve got to get our ducks in a row and submit an application this Spring. Basic items we’re trying to put together for the application include: Continue reading “What a $3.7 Million Theta Chi Fraternity House Looks Like”

First Ever E-mail Newletter Gets Quick Donation Responses

Not even 45 minutes after we blasted a newsletter e-mail to the ~380 alumni e-mail addresses we have on file, we got 4 credit card donations. Quickest to respond with their wallets were (in this order):

  • Shane Pickett (S’87)
  • Poul Willerup (F’89)
  • Tyler Ticen (F’97)
  • Brian Alt (F’98)

Update (7/25): A couple more guys stepped up recently…

  • David Scotto (S’87)
  • Ed Stone (F’89)

Way to go guys – thank you. Every dollar is going to pay off the re-roofing project that was just completed. But we still have a long way to go.

Time for everyone else to chip in. When we receive checks, we’ll give credit on this site, too.

Here’s the e-mail newsletter, by the way (minus all the fancy photos)… Continue reading “First Ever E-mail Newletter Gets Quick Donation Responses”

New Alumni Fundraising Task Force

When it rains it pours. After a few months of asking the OX List for volunteers for the next fundraising effort, we got 4 volunteers in a single week. The group has agreed to work together to reach out to alumni, raise funds for this Summer’s house project (we need to replace the roof), and beyond that to put a sustainable fundraiser in place. The group consists of:

  1. Ed Stone
  2. Mark Geenen
  3. Brian D.
  4. Tyler T.

If you’d like to help out, contact the group at: alum.fundraiser@etaomega.org

Alumni Board Update

Q1, 2008 RECAP:

  • April’s Active/Alumni work weekend at the House was a success, and on a shoestring budget. All funds were donated by alumni. Pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/reither/tags/20080330/
  • EtaOmega.org website went down because Esposto was the administrator, and he moved to the Bay Area. Obviously it’s back up now…brand new design.
  • Our finances/books needed attention – they were all still paper-based until this year. Everything has been migrated to QuickBooks now.
  • We found a new CPA in Stockton to file our taxes (charges $500, but says he can eliminate some fees that we currently owe)
  • New Chapter President (Adam Shea) and his exec are working to get 16 leases signed for 2008/2009.


  • Got volunteers (Ed Stone, Mark Geenen, Brian D., and Tyler T.) to help out with Alumni Fundraising.
  • Priority summer project is to fix the house roof and gutters to prevent further leaking.
    • Brian Flournoy is heading this and donating all materials.
    • We still need to raise money to pay for the labor…which is estimated at $25,000 – please donate to the House Fund if you can.