OX Giants Game #28 – Come see the World Champions!

Hey Guys,

It’s once again time for  the OX Giants Game!!!! This our 28th straight year and  we’re  18-9! This time, for the first time EVER we will be watching the WORLD  CHAMPION SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS! Can you believe it?

Game: Giants  versus Oakland A’s
Date: Friday, May 20
Seat Location: LF Bleachers section 137.
Party Time: 5:00 PM
Game  Time: 7:15
Where: Probably  Parking Lot D (view map)
What: Beer and peanuts provided.  BBQ available for use. (bring our ownmeat)
Cost: $45/ticket.

I only purchased 25 tickets so if you  want a guaranteed ticket, get your $$ in now. First come first  served.

Pay via PayPal ($45) – use e-mail address joethejet@iwon.com
Pay by Check ($45) – email me for my mailing address; or my phone number is: (925)  846-2903

Of course many in  the crowd will be charter members of Eta Omega, and there  are always guys there from every era.  Call some guys who you haven’t seen for awhile and make it a pledge class  reunion. Guaranteed to be a  good time and you never know who you’re going to see. Even if you’re not a baseball fan, you’ll  have fun. Hope life is  treating you all well. If you see someone who’s not on the list, but you think would be interested,  please forward.

Stay in  touch,

Upcoming Events for Theta Chi, Eta Omega

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Much Needed Fraternity House Remodel Underway

Click to View More Photos from the Job SiteIf you have been by 5th and Ivy in Chico recently you may have seen the boards on the windows of the house, and maybe you noticed that some interior walls and whatnot were missing. No, the house is not condemned – we’re actually doing a remodel. We submitted a ‘successful’ loan application to National this year – and after a bunch of back and forth, dotting i’s and crossing t’s, we wer approved for a ~$470,000 loan (some of which is being used to remodel the 1st floor and make life safety improvements).

Slideshow of photos from “work in progress”:

Check back for more pics as the work progresses. The house will be ready for move-in by August 15, but finishing work will continue into the fall semester…so it’ll be a little while before it’s all polished.

This is how we’re using the funds:

  • Payoff existing 11% mortgage (yes, 11%) from Gary Foster and 5th & Ivy Partners: ~$175,000
  • Life safety repairs (including foundation leveling, new doors & locks, sprinklers, fire alarms, rain gutters, etc.): ~$65,000
  • Remodel 1st Floor interior and some exterior (including full kitchen, functional living room, real dining room (red and white room), new windows and doors, remodel 1st floor bedrooms and bathrooms and (this is pretty cool) extending the main staircase to the basement: ~$230,000

Here’s the catch: we obviously have to pay this money back…it’s a loan, not a grant. Overall our monthly expenses will go up about 50%…so we raised dues and rent accordingly for the chapter this year so that we (they) can afford the new higher loan payments.

Why remodel only the interior of the 1st floor?

Because (1) tht is the area that needed the most love and (2) this loan wouldn’t afford us much more than that. The plan is to start a fundraising campaign and raise enough from alumni to cover a some of the rest of the work on the 2nd floor, attic, basement, and exterior. It may be a 2- or 3-phase project when it’s all said and done…but the plan is to re-do the whole house within the next 5 years. We are relying heavily on alumni donations to help us fund phase 2 of the remodel – hopefully to start in or around 2012: Donations Appreciated


There are a lot of guys that deserve credit for getting this loan approved, organizing the contractors, and just generally seeing this project through, but the one guy who stuck it out when the alumni board was losing steam, held things together, assembled a new board, and continues to donate time and effort to the cause is Tom Hyatt. No way would this be happening without him. Big thanks to Jereme Grinslade of Theta Chi’s Norwich Housing Board and the guys at Chico Home Improvement as well.

Need Alumni Volunteers for Mid-Year Alumni Conference in Stockton

The Mid-Year Alumni Conference is being held in Stockton on February 21. It’s a half-day event that involves round-table style discussion with other alumni (of all ages) from all Nor Cal chapters.

We need one or two volunteers to go! As soon as we get a volunteer we’ll update this page and let you know. Right now we’re still looking.

If you can spare a few hours of your Saturday, please…

Register to Attend

We’ll even reimburse your $20 registration fee. Just contact us to let us know you registered.

January 2009 Alumni Newsletter

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Eta Omega Alumni Update – Jan 2009

We’re Going Big 

Here it is – your annual e-newsletter, with updates from all the key players in the Eta Omega Alumni Board, the Active Exec, and “members at large.” Catch up on 2008, then tune in and chip in for a huge 2009. Continue reading “January 2009 Alumni Newsletter”

Send Us Your Updates for the 2009 Alumni e-Newsletter

Brothers,Its time to put together Eta Omega’s annual e-Newsletter, so I need bro updates…

Here’s the deal…if you are in any position where you market your company this is the time to do so. If you started a company or own your business this is the time to let people know. If you just had kid, got married, divorced, or know someone that did let me know. The newsletter is a great way to get your new business seen and let old friends hear about how life’s going.

I know the majority of my business and the people I do business with are bros or referrals from brothers. Don’t let a chance for free marketing pass you by! I need updates by Wednesday the 28th. Send me the dirt!!!!

Send an email to chris[at]bodeninsurance[dot]com

Chris Boden

Alumni Ponied Up Two Flights for Undergrads to Attend National Convention

As mentioned in a previous post, we’re trying to send two undergrads to Indianapolis for the 152nd Anniversary National Leadership Conference.

Mark Geenen donated the first flight (for chapter president Adam Shea), using his United miles. Scott Harris just took care of the second flight (for chapter VP, CJ Scott), using a Southwest credit.

Yeah, they’ll be on different flights, but at least they’ll get to Indy and back for free.

The New Home of Eta Omega Alumni Online

Welcome to the new Eta Omega website – the internet home of the Eta Omega chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity at California State University, Chico. Same information as the old site – just a slightly update look. This new site should be a little easier to navigate and easier for administrators to keep current…so that’s good.

Bookmark this site and check back often for updates (find other ways to keep in touch). If you have news to share, and want it published here, just send an e-mail to the alumni technical contact (find the e-mail address here).