Undergrads Launch New Website

Dear Alumni,

As of now we have developed a new Theta Chi, Eta Omega website [for the undergraduate chapter]! It will soon become the active chapter’s direct means of communication while providing new updates and important Theta Chi events that brothers are holding.  In addition, there are also two sections on the website for alumni and active brothers to sign up and be recognized as Eta Omega. I strongly encourage all alumni to sign up and register. Check out our new website and do so at www.chicostatethetachi.com

Keith May-Davis (Alumni Relations)

P.S. The old chapter website (csuchico.edu/tc) is currently still up also, but we’re working with the university to redirect it to the new site.

Undergrads Pull Off Successful Philanthropy to Help Stop Gun Violence

War of the Roses – Spring 2010

During the week of April 5th Eta Omega raised over $3,000 during a four day philanthropy called War of the Roses – to raise money for the Brady Campaign (an organization dedicated to stopping gun violence through sensible legislation). The event consisted of 5 sororities on campus (ΣΚ, ΑΦ, ΑΔΠ, ΑΓΔ, ΓΦB) competing amongst one another throughout the week on a multitude of events, with the men of Theta Chi split up evenly among the sororities as coaches. The event was created and spearheaded by Theta Chi Vice President Andrew Chalmers, who was inspired by the death of his friend in an unsolved shooting to raise money for the cause.

War of the Roses kicked off on Tuesday with a house decoration, designed to instill competitiveness, and points were awarded to the house with the best design. On Wednesday a “Theta Chi Carnival” fundraiser was hosted on campus – with a dunk tank, kissing booth, cotton candy, popcorn, snow-cones, and a booth where you could “Pie an AD Pi.” That event alone raised $550 for charity, and points were awarded based on creativity and money raised.

On Thursday there was a change drive on campus where each cent collected was worth 1 point. However, dimes and 5-dollar bills were assigned negative values, leading teams to pour money into each others collection jars! The day alone raised well over $1,000, and reactions from the campus community were great.

War of the Roses concluded on Friday with a powderpuff tournament and BBQ where concessions could be purchased, and the value of the concession purchased would be worth points for ones team. ΣΚ won the powderpuff game, and the entire event.

The whole week was filled with mostly sober fun, an alien concept to many Greeks at Chico State. Girls were excited to be a part of a competitive event for a legitimate cause, and the bros loved being at the center of over 400 competing girls. Despite it being the first event of its kind for Theta Chi, the week went extremely well and now that people know what to expect it will certainly be even better in the years to come!

Photos from the Event:

Fall 2009 Post Rush Report from the Chapter

From new chapter president, Dustin Pesch…


Last week from September 14th to September 18th Chico State IFC held rush for Fall 2009. After several weeks of planning and preparation the semesters Recruitment Chair, Bret DeAlva managed to put on a very successful rush. With the help of this year’s exec board and new incentive systems both positive and negative, brother turn out was the best it has been in a few semesters.

When the week finally concluded the brothers of Eta Omega chose to extend 15 bids. All but one was accepted.  Four more guys were unable to pledge according to Chico State IFC because they were “unregistered” in an online system made to verify GPA requirement. Despite being eligible and registered the system showed the four guys as unregistered with IFC. Last Spring we came across the same problem and IFC let it slide, but for some reason this semester they refused to compromise.

As of right now Eta Omega’s newest pledge class, Beta Lambda, has nine members. One guy dropped last night due to financial reasons, but said he will be out next semester. For the brothers who are not aware after the Matt Carrington hazing incident in 2005, Chico IFC does not allow freshmen to pledge in the fall. This means that fall pledge classes normally number from five to ten guys on average. However we are expecting around twenty to thirty pledges next semester, which would bring the number of new members for the 2009/2010 school year above thirty-five guys, and the total chapter size to about 90 active members. The chapter is very optimistic and excited for our newest pledge class. We are positive that we have obtained the most elite group of men that were looking to join the Greek system.

Dustin Pesch
Theta Chi, Eta Omega Chapter”

Recap of 2008-2009 School Year From the New Chapter Exec

Dear Alumni of Eta Omega and Theta Chi Brothers,

This past year, and especially the Spring semester, have been outstanding times for Eta Omega. Over the course of the year Theta Chi placed first in the campus-wide Greek Week philanthropy/competition, raised hundreds of dollars for hurricane victims, won the football championship, and most importantly increased chapter membership by 29 initiates! In the Fall semester alone we recruited 19 new men, setting us up to retain the ‘top house’ position on campus for the ’09-’10 academic year. In addition to these achievements Eta Omega has worked to become debt-free, paying off all amounts owed to the National Fraternity, and is working toward obtaining a new loan for a major house re-model.

A new executive board has been elected as well, consisting of Dustin Pesch as President, Joey Combs and Andrew Chalmers as Internal and External Vice Presidents, respectively, Ex-President Adam Shea as Treasurer, and Blayne Davis as Secretary. The new Executive Board and the chapter are committed to improving brotherhood and participation, and taking any necessary steps to obtain a loan to continue to improve our standing in the eyes of potential new members, the campus community, and the National Fraternity.

This upcoming year will boast as many if not more achievements as last year, and will be exciting for everyone involved – both active and alumni.


Andrew Chalmers
External Vice President
Theta Chi, Eta Omega Chapter

Chico Updates from the Alum VP

Eta Omega Chapter President, Adam Shea and Andrew Chalmers attend the 15th Annual B. Nelson Deranian Presidents Conference (DPC) for chapter, colony, and interest group leaders will in Indianapolis. Their flights apparently sucked but they had a good time anyway (even though they couldn’t find any Alpha Phi’s to party with).

When it was all said and done, they both learned many new best practices that help create and maintain successful chapters across the nation. Andrew later said, “I was fortunate enough to see Jereme Grinsdale at the goodbye dinner … he is excited to see what we have in store and he touched on what the chapter also needs to be on track for to be considered for the loan… GRADES.  Last semester we were above our required average for the school and our pledge class had the highest GPA among the other fraternities.” Keep those grades in check gentleman!

The Chico State campus has had some recent news as well:

So do kids still go to the flumes, or tube down the river, or sneak into Dime Bag Willie’s house…?

Willie Shoffner
Alumni Board / Vice President

January 2009 Alumni Newsletter

You should have received a copy of this e-mail newsletter on 1/30/2009. If not it means we don’t have your current e-mail address – so send it to us and get on the mailing list for future newsletters.

Eta Omega Alumni Update – Jan 2009

We’re Going Big 

Here it is – your annual e-newsletter, with updates from all the key players in the Eta Omega Alumni Board, the Active Exec, and “members at large.” Catch up on 2008, then tune in and chip in for a huge 2009. Continue reading “January 2009 Alumni Newsletter”