Prepping for Fall recruitment. New porch paint job.

The guys in Chico are busy getting ready for Fall Rush…I mean, uh “recruitment.” They just sent us this photo of the front of the house…which they just spruced up with a brand new porch paint job (in Military Red, of course).

If you’re thinking the house doesn’t exactly look like it’s been remodeled, that’s because the exterior still hasn’t. We’re still raising funds for the 2nd phase of the remodel, which will include the 2nd floor, attic, and exterior. The 1st floor and cottage have already been completed.

630 w 5th St., Chico

Fall 2009 Post Rush Report from the Chapter

From new chapter president, Dustin Pesch…


Last week from September 14th to September 18th Chico State IFC held rush for Fall 2009. After several weeks of planning and preparation the semesters Recruitment Chair, Bret DeAlva managed to put on a very successful rush. With the help of this year’s exec board and new incentive systems both positive and negative, brother turn out was the best it has been in a few semesters.

When the week finally concluded the brothers of Eta Omega chose to extend 15 bids. All but one was accepted.  Four more guys were unable to pledge according to Chico State IFC because they were “unregistered” in an online system made to verify GPA requirement. Despite being eligible and registered the system showed the four guys as unregistered with IFC. Last Spring we came across the same problem and IFC let it slide, but for some reason this semester they refused to compromise.

As of right now Eta Omega’s newest pledge class, Beta Lambda, has nine members. One guy dropped last night due to financial reasons, but said he will be out next semester. For the brothers who are not aware after the Matt Carrington hazing incident in 2005, Chico IFC does not allow freshmen to pledge in the fall. This means that fall pledge classes normally number from five to ten guys on average. However we are expecting around twenty to thirty pledges next semester, which would bring the number of new members for the 2009/2010 school year above thirty-five guys, and the total chapter size to about 90 active members. The chapter is very optimistic and excited for our newest pledge class. We are positive that we have obtained the most elite group of men that were looking to join the Greek system.

Dustin Pesch
Theta Chi, Eta Omega Chapter”