Reminder: Theta Chi Golf Tournament in Chico, May 1

from Paul Cesario-Ketchum

Dear Theta Chi, Eta omega Alumni:

On May 1st we are holding our annual charity golf tournament. In order for this event to be successful, we would greatly appreciate if alumni would consider donating prizes for raffle and silent auction, sponsoring a hole (i.e. putting pledge class or logo on a sign), and of course playing in the actual tournament. The weekend the tournament takes place is also alumni weekend. As a fraternity we would like to thank you for everything that you have done for us and hope that this will be an exciting event to attend and to sponsor for the benefit of Chico Green School.

Thank you!

27th Annual Eta Omega Giants Game. We're 17-9!

From Joe Silva via the OX List

  • When: Saturday, May 1
    • Party Time: 10:30am
    • Game Time: 1:05pm
  • Where: Probably Parking Lot D
  • Game: Giants versus Colorado Rockies
  • Seat Location: View Box Section 327. We’ll have a section almost to ourselves!
  • What: Beer and peanuts provided. BBQ available for use. (bring our own meat)
  • Cost: $40/ticket.

I only purchased 25 tickets so if you want a guaranteed ticket, get your $$ in now. First come first served.

Of course many in the crowd will be charter members of Eta Omega, and there are always guys there from every era. Call some guys who you haven’t seen for awhile and make it a pledge class reunion. Guaranteed to be a good time and you never know who you’re going to see. Even if you’re not a baseball fan, you’ll have fun.

Hope life is treating you all well. If you see someone who’s not on the list, but you think would be interested, please forward.

Stay in touch,


Theta Chi / Eta Omega's Future: the '1981 Club'

Dear Eta Omega Brother:

2009 was a banner year for Theta Chi, Chico State

1st floor and basement renovated, sprinkler system installed, refinance of old 11% APR mortgage, Greek Week winners, top rush numbers, unprecedented alumni involvement, revival of the “Eta Omegaphone” newsletter. The chapter and the alumni organization are running on all cylinders.

We have bigger goals for 2010 and beyond

Despite all of the hard work and good fortune we will not stop until the Theta Chi house at 630 W 5th Street is completely restored. We’re half way there, but we need your help to finish the job.

Plans for phase 2 of the house remodel

We already have architectural plans for the 2nd and final phase of the chapter house remodel. Now we just need to raise the funds for the work…and we can do it with your small $19.81 donation when you join the “1981 Club”.

Join the “1981 Club”

Pledge a recurring donation of $19.81 per month (in honor of the founding of the chapter in 1981), and become a member of the new “1981 Club” – and help move us one step closer to fully restoring the chapter house.

The 1981 Club is makes it easy for you to make a small donation automatically by credit card each month. You just sign up once…set it, and forget it

If 500 alumni sign up for the 1981 Club we could pay for the 2nd phase of the house remodel in cash after about 2 years. That’s our goal. Click to join:

What the money is for?

We will complete the much needed renovation of Eta Omega’s chapter house in Chico. The downstairs (phase 1) renovation, completed in 2009 was funded by a loan from Theta Chi Headquarters. To pay for the rest of the renovation (estimated to be about $250,000) we have to raise the money up front. We cannot afford to borrow this money – we must raise it ourselves.

How will my small donation help?

This small contribution is probably less than you spend on coffee in a week – definitely less than you spend on beer. Yet if only 200 brothers join the 1981 Club, we will raise nearly $50,000 in just over 12 months. If enough brothers sign up we could pay for this renovation in cash in just 30 months. Don’t wait for “someone else” to take care of this. The chapter’s success rests in your hands. Take a few seconds to sign up online with your credit or debit card, and you’re done. That’s it.

The first members of the 1981 Club

To demonstrate our absolute commitment to this effort, every member of the Eta Omega Alumni Board joined the “1981 Club” back in January. After just 3 months we have raised over $475 by ourselves.

  • J. Reither – F’95
  • T. Hyatt – F’93
  • P. Smith – F’03
  • E. Stone – F’89
  • B. Davis – F’82
  • M. Geenen – F’80
  • T. Ticen – F’97
  • W. Shoffner – F’00
  • Be the next member:

These eight brothers are a start

But again, we can’t achieve our goal without you. We must have full participation. Click the link above and join these brothers who have already made their commitment to Theta Chi, Eta Omega.

Pledge class competition

Oh yeah…we’ll be periodically announcing which pledge classes have signed up the most members. DFYPB!

UPDATE (3/16/2010): Spring ’96 is off to a good start – two brothers from that pledge class (C. Boden and D. Campbell) signed up before we even announced this campaign

Thank you for your continued involvement and support.

Your Eta Omega Alumni Volunteer Leadership