House Remodel Nearing Completion – More Photos

Click to View More Photos from the Job Site These photos from last week show how close the remodel work is to completion…really close. And it’s looking pretty good. Check out the custom red and white shower tiles.

Right at this moment the work is actually very close to done…even more than these photos show. Undergrads have moved back to the house to start school…and that will be the real test of the quality of construction.

Photos from “work nearing completion”:

We’re already talking to National about “phase 2” of the remodel where we plan to re-do the rest of the house (2nd floor, attic, basement, and exterior). The deal is, we have to come up with some of the money ourselves (through donations)…here’s your chance to help: donate now

One thought on “House Remodel Nearing Completion – More Photos”

  1. Looks Awesome! (Can’t believe somebody tore down my old loft in the downstairs bedroom – not like it wasn’t a fire trap.) Keep up the great work

    Mike “Shifty” Sheehan
    Class of ’89

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