Sun-Raising for Theta Chi


Are you currently looking into getting solar for your home? If so, then there’s an opportunity to also help out the Chapter.

I recently spoke with our Alumnus brother Adam Shea and we got to talking about his company SolarCity.  As I’m sure you know, SolarCity is the leading provider for clean energy in the U.S.

Brother Shea is a consultant for them and has been doing some awesome work in the San Diego area.  He recently started “Sun Raising” and is seeing amazing results so far.  He reached out to me because he wants our Alumni to benefit from this simple way to raise money.

Here’s how it works…  We give Adam names and numbers of our friends, family members, colleagues, etc. who are home owners and interested in going solar.  It could even be your own home.  Once he has names he will reach out and see if solar would be beneficial for them.  If a home owner decides to go with SolarCity Eta Omega will get $200.

I’m sure some of you have already gone solar and that is great. This is a perfect opportunity for us to start the conversation and help the people we love, trust, and care about to get a better source of energy to power their home.

So if you have any names or contacts please reach out to Adam Shea at:


John Wenger

Alumni President – Eta Omega Chapter

End of the Year Newsletter 2015

Eta Omega Alumni,

As the year comes to an end, we are happy to look back on another successful year for Theta Chi and the Eta Omega chapter. We are excited about 2016 and hopeful that our Chapter will continue its success on Chico State’s campus. The Alumni Board thanks you for your continued support of the chapter and we hope you all have a Happy New Year.


John Wenger

President, Eta Omega Alumni Board of Directors

Chapter Update

Our Chapter continues to function outside of the IFC board following sanctions that both the Alumni Board and National HQ Board object to. Following the disciplinary actions taken by the IFC, our National Executive Director Mike Mayer released the following statement “It is clear that the Chico State IFC is uninterested in working productively with Eta Omega Chapter of Theta Chi at this time, and that this policy discrepancy remains unresolved. Nonetheless, Theta Chi Fraternity maintains the stance described above, and thus chooses to function beyond IFC participation.” With Chico State’s President Paul Zingg retiring in the Spring, we are hopeful that the newly appointed President will work constructively with our Chapter and the Greek community.

Regardless of the school’s actions, 2015 was a great year for the brothers of Eta Omega. With roughly 70 to 80 active members, our Chapter continues to be the largest and most influential on campus. Since the fall semester did not include any sanctions from the school, the Chapter was finally able to have socials for the first time in over a year and it was a big success. In November they were also able to have  their annual retreat and conduct a philanthropy prompting the USO, which is a new philanthropic partnership through National HQ. The Chapter is excited to be able to be involved with the community again and show the school and community what Theta Chi Eta Omega is about, “lending a helping hand”.

Going into next year there is no doubt that the Chapter will continue to get stronger.

Current Status of the House

Seven years ago the Alumni Board of Directors (BOD) and Chapter embarked on a multi-phase project that included a renovation of the President’s Cottage, and a full upgrade to the Chapter House.

As some of you may remember, we were able to raise $20,000 in 2007 during our 25th Anniversary Alumni Event to remodel the cottage. With the help of Brothers Eric Sondeno and Jim Hull, we were able to completely remodel the cottage over the summer months. The next year, a new roof was installed on the Chapter House to address an immediate threat of water leaks into the house thanks to a generous donation of materials from Brother Brian Flournoy.

In 2009 we began the two-phased approach to remodeling the entire fraternity house. In the first phase, thanks to the tremendous efforts of Tom Hyatt and Jeremy Reither we were able to refinance the Chapter House’s existing mortgage of $176,000 while also securing a $194,743 loan to redesign and renovate the basement, foundation, and 1st floor of the house.

In 2013 we began the process of applying for an additional loan to refinance our existing mortgage and remodel the remainder of the house. It took the Alumni BOD a full year to complete the 110 page loan application, but in the end we succeeded in refinancing $300,000 of our mortgage and securing an $180,250 loan to remodel the second and third floor. I’m happy to report that as of August 2014, the House Remodel Project, led by Jeremy Reither and Thomas Hyatt, has been completed.

Pictures of the newly remodeled house can be found here.

What we need to do

None of this progress would have been possible without contributions from our outstanding Alumni members. I know many of you are homeowners and know the work is never truly done.

The basement is in need of weatherproofing and the cottage is due for serious maintenance.  We cannot let all of the hard work that has gone into restoring the Chapter House go to waste. In addition to ongoing costs to the house, the Alumni BOD is working to setup a Foundation through the university to provide scholarships to deserving members. So brothers, I ask you, who’s ready to extend a helping hand?!! Below is how you can help in making our Chapter the strongest it’s ever been.

There are two ways to donate:

First, we are (re)introducing The 1981 Club. Membership is simple: commit to an automated monthly donation of $19.81 a month. This small monthly donation will go a long way in helping to cover the costs of maintaining the beautiful new Chapter House and support our vision of setting up a lasting Foundation. To setup a reoccurring account please visit the following link:



Second, if you do not want to setup a account we are also asking for one-time donations that can be made through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account you can set one up here: Once you have setup an account you can either submit a payment to the for any amount you wish. Or you can click on the link below.


We have come so far as a Chapter and the only way to continue to grow as a chapter is through alumni support. Thank you all for your continued support!!

Upcoming Events

It is still a little early, but we would like to put on everyone’s radar that the Chapter will be celebrating its 35th Anniversary in 2017. Be on the look out for a save the date for a huge Alumni party in our old stomping grounds.

The 33rd annual Giants OX Alumni game is scheduled for Saturday, June 11th versus the LA Dodgers. Check the Facebook page for updates and details on this year’s game. The 32nd annual OX Giants game was a huge success, thanks to Brother Joe Silva and David Markham. The brothers of Eta Omega have been attending an annual SF Giants game since 1984. This year’s game was attended by nearly 30 brothers from a variety of pledge classes.

Here’s a post from Joe ‘The Jet’ with some info:

The Giants will be hoping for some more “even year” luck in 2016 and this time we’re putting our 20-12 record on the line against the Bums from SoCal. Yes, Giants/Dodgers at the OX Game.

I have purchased 50 tickets this year and I’m challenging you mags to not make me sell them on Stub Hub! There isn’t any reason we can’t get 50 guys to a Saturday game with the Dodgers.

I’m trying something a little different this year in terms of price. I’m only charging $55, basically what I paid for the tickets. I’m asking guys to throw in something extra to pay for beer and food if you are able to. Whatever you think is right. Remember, the extra goes to the alumni board for improvements to the house.

The game time hasn’t been set yet, but I would think the Giants/Dodgers is likely to make it on the Fox schedule so it will probably be a day game, 1:05 start.

Game: Giants versus Dodgers
Date: Saturday June 11
Seat Location: CF Bleachers.
Party Time: TBA
Game Time: TBA
Where: Parking Lot D

Food: Salame will be providing great eats again this year the food alone is worth the cost of the ticket!

Cost: $55, basically what I paid for the tickets. Please throw in something extra to pay for beer and food if you are able to. Whatever you think is right.

I only purchased 50 tickets. Let’s make this the biggest OX game in years.”

Special Thanks

Last but not least, I’d like to give a special thanks to my Alumni Board: CJ Scott (Vice President), Zach Fairris (Secretary), and RC Berry (Active Relations). I’d also like to thank Jeremy Reither who recently stepped down from his Treasurer position after 10 years! Without Reither our Chapter house and finances would not be where they are today. Thanks Reither for keeping the Chapter alive!

If anyone is interested in joining the Board and giving back please don’t hesitate to contact me:


OX Chapter Update


I wanted to give you a quick update on the Chapter as the 2015-16 school year is officially underway. As some of you may know, our chapter (with the support of National) has temporarily left the school IFC due to some unreasonable actions/sanctions that were placed on the Chapter by the school. National HQ’s official response to the school’s action is as follows:

“It is clear that the Chico State IFC is uninterested in working productively with Eta Omega Chapter of Theta Chi at this time, and that this policy discrepancy remains unresolved. Nonetheless, Theta Chi Fraternity maintains the stance described above, and thus chooses to function beyond IFC participation.”

We are not alone, there are a few other large fraternities that have taken the same action. We are currently exploring the idea of forming an off-campus IFC between Theta Chi, Sigma Chi, and some other fraternities that have already removed themselves from the school. We are not fully off-campus and disaffiliated with the school right now, but we are operating outside of the school at this moment. This is all being weighed along with the recent news that Chico State President Paul Zingg will be retiring next year. This could offer a new opportunity to start a dialogue with the school and go back on campus. National and the Alumni Board will be actively engaging with the school once a new President is selected. A friend of mine who is on the selection committee was Greek so hopefully that may help with the selection.

As far as current Chapter activity, below is a short report we received from the active chapter on what is coming up for them in October.

“October is looking to be a great month for the brothers of Eta Omega. This semester we are not facing any sanctions from the school, and we were finally able to have our first T-shirt dance in over a year and it was a big success. Coming up this month we have our annual retreat, the Monster Mash dance, and a philanthropy prompting the USO. We will be painting and carving pumpkins in America theme which we plan to sell on campus to donate to our troops for the holidays. We will also be hosting an philanthropy open to ev everyone where we will carve pumpkins and deliver them to the local hospitals and community centers to celebrate the holiday spirit. We are excited to be able to be involved with the community again and show the school and community what Theta Chi Eta Omega has to offer everyone. We hope everyone has a great month and we will continue to keep you updated with our accomplishments and our upcoming events.”

I would be remiss if I did not also remind you all that our Alumni Board is still trying to raise money to continue to improve our Chapter house and our legacy at Chico State. Here is a link to our fundraising information (Fundraising Page). Any and all help is much appreciated. Also, if you have not seen pictures of the improvements we have made so far, here is a hyperlink to the photos (Final House Remodel Photos).

If there are any questions or concerns regarding the Chapter, or if any of the links I provided do not work, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or my Board (

John Wenger
President, Eta Omega Alumni Board of Directors
(916) 690-0675

Update on Eta Omega and the University


As some of you may know, we’ve had some ongoing issues with the school for over a year now. The Alumni Board and National representatives have been in constant contact with the school, chapter and with each other.

The original charge against our chapter was around an alleged incident where the Greek Adviser witnessed someone carry an 18 pack through the side yard of our fraternity house. We appealed the charge through the IFC and were denied. While on social probation our chapter violated the terms of the probation by taking a trip to Tahoe. Unfortunately, the punishment that was handed down was a suspension that was beyond what we (the board) and National deemed acceptable. Our active chapter (in consultation with the board and National) submitted a detailed proposal to the IFC of immediate actions we took to improve the chapter. We also accepted all provisions of the suspension with the exception of one provision that barred our chapter from recruitment. National NIC standards state that no punishment shall include a prohibition against recruitment. Our National chapter follows these standards. The Alumni Board and National chapter informed the school that we would abide by the suspension, but would not be following that specific provision of the suspension. As a result, our Chapter recruited members in the Spring and was subsequently suspended from the IFC for a year (**not the School). In response, our National chapter sent a letter to the IFC and the school. If you’d like to read the letter please email me directly, but in sum it says:

“It is clear that the Chico State IFC is uninterested in working productively with Eta Omega Chapter of Theta Chi at this time, and that this policy discrepancy remains unresolved. Nonetheless, Theta Chi Fraternity maintains the stance described above, and thus chooses to function beyond IFC participation.”

We will keep you updated on any new developments with the school. National and the Alumni Board have put safeguards in place to ensure our chapter will continue to abide by strict conduct standards and we will continue to thrive with or without the school. We are still the top house on campus and our active chapter is comprised of great individuals. I have full confidence that they will continue to grow for years to come.

If there are any questions or concerns regarding our situation please feel free to reach me at


John Wenger
President – Eta Omega Alumni Board of Directors
(916) 690-0675


Alumni Weekend Reminder & State of the Chapter

Alumni Weekend Reminder

With Alumni Weekend coming up next week, it seems appropriate to send out an update on the “State of the Chapter” from the Active Chapter (see below). For all of you who are heading to Chico, remember to be smart and safe (if you’re going to drink, do so responsibly and stay away from the Chapter House), and have fun.

State of the Chapter

by Daniel Stellini – Chapter President

We’ve had a few challenges this year related to the Campus-wide Greek Life suspension, but our Chapter has been very successful in overcoming this major obstacle and keeping our brotherhood strong. After receiving a very good score on our presentation to the administration and complying with all the reinstatement guidelines our chapter was one of the first to be re-recognized by the school administration. We have had a huge success with recruitment taking in a class of 30 new members. Our current Chapter has 70 active members keeping us in the “top house” position with the largest IFC chapter on campus.

We continue to hold a very strong relationship with the community and other organizations on campus such as CAVE (Community Action Volunteers in Education) and CADEC (Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center.) We also have a few members that are part of CLIC (Campus Legal Information Center) who have made great leaps in raising the standards of our chapter as well as holding all other chapters accountable for their actions. We also continue to work with many other Greek organizations to do large community cleanups. We have also kept our sports teams competitive, taking the championship in football and softball last semester.

Our Chapter morale is high and we are motivated to do whatever it takes to keep our good standing with CSU, Chico. I am looking forward to another great year.

Help Our Chapter Raise Money for the Brady Campaign


With Alumni Weekend and our 30th Anniversary coming up in three days, our active chapter would like to reach out and ask for you to please lend a helping hand. This week Theta Chi Fraternity will be hosting its 3rd annual “War of the Roses” philanthropy event.  The event involves the local sororities of Alpha Phi, Alpha Delta Pi, Sigma Kappa, Gamma Phi Beta, and Alpha Gamma Delta.  Each day Theta Chi Fraternity will be hosting an event such as house decorations, on-campus coin drive, carnival, and a powder puff football tournament.  Each event has point values awarded to the winning teams, and will help to raise donations.  War of the Roses has been very successful in the past and donates all proceeds to the Brady Campaign to prevent gun violence.  We have raised nearly $5,000 in the past two years, and are looking to launch our best and most successful year yet.

For those of you who don’t know, the Brady Campaign is aimed at the prevention of gun violence.  They are, “devoted to creating an America free from gun violence, where all Americans are safe at home, at school, at work, and in our communities.”  We of Theta Chi Fraternity support the Brady Campaign and feel strongly against gun violence.

With hopes to surpass previous year’s donations, the active chapter is branching outside of the CSU campus and asking everyone for donations towards the Brady Campaign.  Each dollar donated will provide my team with 100 points, and go towards a great cause.  Your time and support for the active Chapter is much appreciated!

To donate or learn more please click here:


John Wenger
Alumni Secretary / PR
Theta Chi Fraternity – Eta Omega Chapter – Spring 06′

Alumni Newsletter 2012

  1. Message from the Alumni Predient
  2. Message from the Chapter President
  3. The State of the House
  4. Fundraising: “Your Money or Your Time”
  5. Upcoming Regional and National Events
  6. Upcoming Eta Omega Events
  7. Bro News
  8. Your Alumni Board: Present and Future
  9. Keep in Touch

Message from the Alumni President

Tom Hyat at an important speaking engagement (aka: karaoke)


It’s been another great year for Theta Chi, Eta Omega. The Chapter has continued to thrive in Chico and we are still the Top Fraternity on the Chico State Campus. For the last two years, the Chapter fulfilled their commitment to “fill” the house with 18 paying tenants. As a little incentive and reward, we installed a little “upgrade” in the house. You’ll have to go visit to see what it was.

The Alumni Board of Directors has also continued to gain ground and build upon the prior years’ successes. We do have board positions that need to be filled by motivated brothers (See Below). Our financial foundation is solid and we are in the process of evaluating the feasibility of the Phase 2 house remodel. In fact, our newest appraisal values the property and houses at $950,000; even in today’s economy. Fortunately, Chico remains semi-isolated from the housing debacle and has not been hit as hard as other areas in California. It just goes to show you, Chico is a great town with a sturdy economy.

The Alumni Board of Directors is always looking for volunteers and there are many ways you can help without leaving your home. We also need donations and you can do this simply by joining the 1981 Club Monthly Donation Plan (more info below). Get involved and remember, Theta Chi for Life!

[Tom wrote this before he announced he was stepping down from hist position as Alumni Board president. See below for details.]


Brother Tom Hyatt, F’93
Alumni President

Message from the Chapter President


This year has been a great year for the Eta Omega Chapter here at Chico State. Theta Chi continues to have a strong presence on campus with 70 active members. This semester we took in a pledge class of 12 freshman. We have built great relationships on campus with the Community Action Volunteers in Education (CAVE) and the Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center (CADEC) to help promote good relationships with our University. We have held multiple events with CADEC including a Halloween weekend water handout to help keep students safe and hydrated. Also, our chapter has held Friday cleanups as a part of Community Service to clean up the streets around us.

The past two years we have won the “Greek Cup” which goes to the Chico Fraternity that performs the best in all sports. I’m happy to say that we are currently in first place with a returning Championship basketball and softball team to still play this semester. Finally, this year Theta Chi National has awarded our Chapter with the Phil S. Randall Success in Recruitment Award which is presented to chapters that initiate 25 or more new members during the previous academic year.

Our Chapter is as strong as ever and motivated to continue to carry on the traditions of Eta Omega and continue to be an example of excellence among the community and university. A few choice recent events:

  • Halloween grab a date “Monster Mash” – The Chapter used our fraternity house as a Venue with tight security to manage risk and used hosted an awesome social with Alpha Delta Pi.
  • Theta Chi had another successful “My tie” theme where every brother put a tie in a box and brought it to the sorority house where every girl grabbed a tie and found their date for a memorable social.
  • Last semester the active Chapter sold “We Love College” shirts with an OX incorporated into the word College. They sold these T-Shirts and Theta Chi “livestrong” style bracelets to all sororities and was a huge hit.


Sam Runco
Chapter President

The State of the House

The House, Spring 2012

Our House at 630 w 5th St is in much better shape now than it was just a few years ago (see 1st floor remodel photos from 2009), but it’s still only half remodeled. Our major goal continues to be to raise funds to pay for the 2nd phase remodel – which could potentially happen in 2013 or 2014 if undergrads keep fill the house with renters each year and if collections rates of rent/dues remain high. The next remodel phase will include a total overhaul of the interior of the 2nd floor and attic – including the addition of a 2nd floor living room and commercial quality bathrooms. An exterior renovation would be nice, too, and if we can raise enough funds we will include that in Phase 2 as well – but our top priority is improving the interior living conditions, energy efficiency, and safety of the House.

This year the House is full of rent-paying brothers, which keeps cash flow positive, and allows us to stay focused on this remodel plan. Another lease year is starting soon, though (June, 2011), which means we have to get another 18 guys to sign leases ASAP, and stay in the black into 2012/2013. The undergraduate brothers have a number of options when it comes to living near campus, and that’s one big reason we’re working to make the Fraternity House nicer – to make it a more appealing option. In addition to making it a more desirable place to live, renovations will make the House a place that Alumni want to visit, a place that all Brothers want to hang out in, and maybe even someday a place that doesn’t make parents cringe.

Early estimates of the total cost of the 2nd phase remodel are between $200k and $400k. The more we can put down on a loan the better, but we’ll definitely need at least 20%. The 1856 Club monthly donation plan alone has gotten us $12,000 closer to a down payment on that loan, and if you sign up we’ll get there even faster.

Jeremy Reither, F’95
Alumni Treasurer

Fundraising: “Your money or your time”

This is what Eta Omega needs from you. Plain and simple.

We need your help.

We have completed the first phase of the house renovation and are gearing up for the second phase. This will complete the house renovation and make 630 West 5th Street the only house on campus specifically designed for the needs of a fraternity. The first ever on the Chico State campus. This will further ensure that Theta Chi is a permanent fixture on campus for generations to come.

This future is not certain.

If you cannot give time to the chapter then you have the option to donate money . Help secure your legacy at Chico. Here are your options:

  1. Join the “1981 CLUB” by pledging a recurring donation of $19.81 per month (in honor of the founding of the chapter in 1981):
  2. Make a Tax-Deductible Check Payable through CSU Chico
    Write on the memo line: THETA CHI
    Mail your donation to:
    University Development
    CSU, Chico
    Chico, CA 95929-0240
    Please let us know ( if you send a payment to the university, as we don’t automatically get notified.

Theta Chi for life.

Ed Stone F’89
Alumni Fundraising Chairman

Upcoming Regional and National Events

Upcoming Eta Omega Events

29th Annual SF Giants Game: On May 20 last year, about 25 alumni gathered at AT&T park to tailgate and watch the SF Giants beat the A’s 2-1 with a run in the 10th inning. This was the 28th annual OX Giants game organized by Joe Silva. For details about the 29th annual 2012 game, including how to buy tickets from Joe, click here.

Riley’s Alumni Weekend (April 28, 2012): It’s is right around the corner. As most of you know we are celebrating our 30th Anniversary of the Eta Omega chapter this year. The Alumni Board will be hosting everyone at the House at 7pm for food , drinks and house tours. After that (8pm sharp) the group will walk over to a local watering hole (show up to find out which one) for a few rounds of drinks on us (the Alumni Corp). We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Hiddenbrooke Golf Course

1st Annual Golf Invitational (September 28, 2012 – Hiddenbrooke Golf Club, Vallejo, CA): The stage is set and this beautiful venue has been booked for US. Save the date and commit to locking this epic and long overdue Alumni event into your calendars. Alumni brothers, it’s time to connect with new, reconnect with old, and kick off an annual event that will undoubtedly create fresh stories and friendships in pure Eta Omega fashion. I assure you, this is one you won’t want to miss! RSVP on Facebook.

Bro News

The "Hula Tribe" Tough Mudder team

Big year for Paul Weinrauch (S’95) who got remarried on 11-1-11 to Danielle Weinrauch, and now has two stepdaughters 15 and 20. He also started a new job with Byram Healthcare in December.

Seven brothers from the 1990’s and 2000’s (Matt Zipse, Jeremy Reither, Bill Hu, Chris Perry, Josh Wolcott, and Kevin Brooks) did the Tough Mudder endurance event in Squaw Valley in September. 13 miles climbing the peaks and ripping it up with 6,000 other athletes. Most of them were on the “Hula Tribe” team with 23 total members. Watch their video on YouTube.

Jose & Allison Nunez

Bother Jose Nunez got married to Allison Renee Nunez on July 2, 2011.

Brother Matt Zipse (Spring 06′) received a promotion in his company and is moving to Denver in February.

Mike Dunbar (S’93) and family had a baby girl Giants fan, Madison B. Dunbar, born August 15th 2011. That makes 3 kids so far for the Dunbars, 2 girls and a boy.

Chris Boden

Brother Chris Boden and his wife Sarah welcomed their first child into the world this year. Congrats on the new baby girl Chris.

Scott & Eva Sederholm

A tribute to Scott Sederholm: Brother Scott Sederholm (Fall ’95) left us unexpectedly at the young age of 34. He had a beautiful heart and an infectious personality that he shared easily with family, friends and coworkers; his smile lit up the room. Scott enjoyed spending time with loved ones, had a deep appreciation for music, and liked the challenge of a good crossword puzzle. Scott was born in Santa Rosa and attended Strawberry Elementary, Slater Jr. High and Montgomery High School (Class of ’95). He joined Eta Omega as a freshman and was a very active brother throughout his time in Chico, holding multiple elected positions and playing on several sports teams. Those of us who spent time with him in Chico and the years after graduation know he was one of the most likable men you ever met. Most recently he worked for the Sonoma County Juvenile Hall as a Correctional Counselor – he always had a special way of connecting with young people. Scott will be dearly missed by those of us who knew him best; his beloved wife of only six months, Eva; their pets, Chuy and Buddy; mother, Linda; father, Dave; brother, Joe (wife Jenny; children Stella and Colby).

Your Alumni Board: Present and Future

Current Alumni Board of Directors

  • President – Tom Hyatt (Fall ‘93)
  • Vice President – Peter Smith (Fall ‘04)
  • Treasurer – Jeremy Reither (Fall ‘95)
  • Fundraising – Ed Stone (Fall ‘89)
  • Secretary / PR – John Wenger (Spring ‘06)
  • Chapter Relations – Andrew Chalmers (Spring ‘07)

Tom Hyatt and Ed Stone Stepping Down

The Alumni Board and entire Eta Omega Chapter would like to thank Tom Hyatt for his commitment to the preservation of our great chapter. For the past 8 years Tom has built a strong Alumni organization through hard work and leadership as our Alumni President. Tom has been an intricate part of our on-going remodel of the chapter house, including having personally installed a new bathroom himself a few years ago. Tom will continue to be a big part of Eta Omega, but has chosen to step down to focus on his kids, wife, and growing business. We all would like to wish Tom all the best. Thanks for all your hard work Tom!

Our current positive financial state would also not be possible without the hard work and dedication by brother Ed Stone. Ed took over fundraising responsibilities a couple years ago and helped bring in much needed funding for the chapter and the remodel, through the implementation of the 1981 Club monthly donation program. Ed will also be stepping down to focus on other personal priorities, so we wish Ed all the best and thank him for all his help in creating a financially viable Alumni Corp.

We Need Volunteers

The Alumni Board of is looking for motivated volunteers! Taking a position on the Alumni Board is great opportunity to reconnect with brothers, Theta Chi International, and the school, to help run a million-dollar-per-year non-profit organization, and to give back to the chapter than changed your life.

The obligations include one conference per quarter, a 2-year commitment, and whatever responsibilities you are willing to take on. If you’re interested and dedicated we’ll find a role for you. Send us an email if you want to nominate yourself or someone else:

Keep in touch

Eta Omega in the News, November 2011

The Orion published a couple stories this month featuring Theta Chi, Eta Omega brothers…

Demonstrators take on violence in nighttime silence
“Between 200 and 300 people walked in silence Thursday night to spread awareness for those that don’t have a voice – women who have been raped or assaulted.” Read the article…

GREEK SPEAK >> Theta Chi (by Alan Barbour)
Greek Speak features a different voice from a member of Chico State’s Greek community each week. Read the article…

Eta Omega Takes 2nd in Greek Week, 1st in Talent Show

From the undergrad president, Sammy Runco:

“We had Greek Week a few weeks back and unfortunately we fell short with a close 2nd behind Sigma Kappa, but older brothers were saying it was the best Greek Week they have seen because we had such great attendance. Our talent show was hilarious and the girls went crazy the entire time – we won this event.”

Prepping for Fall recruitment. New porch paint job.

The guys in Chico are busy getting ready for Fall Rush…I mean, uh “recruitment.” They just sent us this photo of the front of the house…which they just spruced up with a brand new porch paint job (in Military Red, of course).

If you’re thinking the house doesn’t exactly look like it’s been remodeled, that’s because the exterior still hasn’t. We’re still raising funds for the 2nd phase of the remodel, which will include the 2nd floor, attic, and exterior. The 1st floor and cottage have already been completed.

630 w 5th St., Chico