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30th Anniversary* Alumni Weekend is April 27-29!

As recently “discussed” in the Eta Omega Facebook group:

Steve Rainwater:
Alumni Weekend – 30 year Anniversary of Eta Omega!! April 27th-29th!

Joe Silva:
Um, that’s not really the 30 year. That wouldn’t be until November

Bill Logsdon:
Actually – that would be the 31st anniversary of the first pledge class being initiated!

So, is it’s actually Eta Omega’s 30th? Maybe not exactly…but Rileys is celebrating that weekend, so let’s say it is. The Eta Omega Alumni Corporation may also be sponsoring a little event, so book your room now and stay tuned for details.

OX Giants Game #29 – Friday, June 1

[From Brother Joe Silva]

Hey Guys,

It’s once again time for the OX Giants Game!!!! This our 29th straight year and we’re 19-9! We had a great time last year and even ran into an active at the game.

  • Game: Giants versus Cubs
  • Date: Friday, June 1
  • Seat Location: LF Bleachers section 137. (Same as last year but closer to the field)
  • Party Time: 5:00 PM
  • Game Time: 7:15
  • Where: Probably Parking Lot D (map)
  • What: Beer and peanuts provided. BBQ available for use. (bring our own meat)
  • Cost: $45/ticket.

I only purchased 25 tickets so if you want a guaranteed ticket, get your $$$ in now. First come first served.

Pay via PayPal ($45) – use e-mail address

Pay by Check ($45) – email me for my mailing address; or my phone number is: (925) 846-2903

Of course many in the crowd will be charter members of Eta Omega, and there are always guys there from every era. Call some guys who you haven’t seen for a while and make it a pledge class reunion. Guaranteed to be a good time and you never know who you’re going to see. Even if you’re not a baseball fan, you’ll have fun. Hope life is treating you all well. If you see someone who’s not on the list, but you think would be interested, please forward.

Stay in touch,

Prepping for Fall recruitment. New porch paint job.

The guys in Chico are busy getting ready for Fall Rush…I mean, uh “recruitment.” They just sent us this photo of the front of the house…which they just spruced up with a brand new porch paint job (in Military Red, of course).

If you’re thinking the house doesn’t exactly look like it’s been remodeled, that’s because the exterior still hasn’t. We’re still raising funds for the 2nd phase of the remodel, which will include the 2nd floor, attic, and exterior. The 1st floor and cottage have already been completed.

OX Giants Game #28 – Come see the World Champions!

Hey Guys,

It’s once again time for  the OX Giants Game!!!! This our 28th straight year and  we’re  18-9! This time, for the first time EVER we will be watching the WORLD  CHAMPION SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS! Can you believe it?

Game: Giants  versus Oakland A’s
Date: Friday, May 20
Seat Location: LF Bleachers section 137.
Party Time: 5:00 PM
Game  Time: 7:15
Where: Probably  Parking Lot D (view map)
What: Beer and peanuts provided.  BBQ available for use. (bring our ownmeat)
Cost: $45/ticket.

I only purchased 25 tickets so if you  want a guaranteed ticket, get your $$ in now. First come first  served.

Pay via PayPal ($45) – use e-mail address
Pay by Check ($45) – email me for my mailing address; or my phone number is: (925)  846-2903

Of course many in  the crowd will be charter members of Eta Omega, and there  are always guys there from every era.  Call some guys who you haven’t seen for awhile and make it a pledge class  reunion. Guaranteed to be a  good time and you never know who you’re going to see. Even if you’re not a baseball fan, you’ll  have fun. Hope life is  treating you all well. If you see someone who’s not on the list, but you think would be interested,  please forward.

Stay in  touch,

Theta Chi Alumni Harvest Wine-Tasting Event in San Francisco

Dear Brother:

On behalf of the Beta Alpha Alumni Ass’n, just wanted to give you a heads-up re: the following event in NorCal:

UCLA Theta Chi Harvest Wine-Tasting Event:

The Beta Alpha Alumni Association is planning its first alumni event in the Northern California-area! On Saturday, October 16, 2010 from 3-6:00 p.m., the Alumni Ass’n will be hosting a Harvest Wine-Tasting at Fine Wines International, located at Pier 19, The Embarcadero, San Francisco. Spouses and significant others are encouraged to attend.

Please use this link to find the pdf version of the invitation: Please note that rsvp’ing to the UCLA Theta Chi Facebook page is not sufficient to rsvp for this event. You will need to actually rsvp per the instructions in this link.

Fine Wines International is owned and operated by Justin Grover ’92. His website is Hope to see you all there!


Scott P. Sutherland
Treasurer, Beta Alpha Alumni Ass’n

Chico State, Greek System, and Eta Omega Quick Facts

Below is an excerpt from some “research” the alumni and undergrads did in 2009, regarding the fraternity house, and Greek Life at Chico State. The research was not scientific, and many of the numbers here are just estimates…but it’s still an interesting snapshot of the overall student population, the Greek population, and some key stats about Theta Chi / Eta Omega:

CSU Chico:

  • How many students are enrolled in the University/College?
    • Male: 7,000
    • Female: 8,000
  • How many students of the one’s enrolled our commuters?
    • Male: 500
    • Female: 500
  • How many students can be accommodated in University dormitories?
    • Male: 950
    • Female: 950
  • How many students are occupying dormitories this year?
    • Male: 800
    • Female: 850
  • How many people can be accommodated in private apartments or boarding houses within two miles of campus? 12,000
  • How many students are occupying these apartments or boarding houses this school year? 11,000

Greek System:

  • Number of national sororities on campus: 5
    • have houses: 5
    • average membership: 100
    • average capacity of houses: 13
    • average occupancy: 13
    • List: Alpha Phi, Alpha Delta Pi, Sigma Kappa, Gamma Phi Beta, Alpha Gamma Delta
  • Number of national fraternities on campus: 11
    • have houses: 10
    • average membership: 30
    • average capacity of houses: 11
    • average occupancy: 10
    • List: Theta Chi, Sigma Chi, Delta Chi, Phi Kappa Tau, Alpha Gamma Rho, Phi Delta Theta, Beta Theta Pi, Gamma Zeta Alpha, Sigma Nu, Sigma Pi, Lambda Pi

Theta Chi / Eta Omega Undergraduates:

  • Undergraduate chapter membership as of April 10 of each year:
    • 2009: 53+
      • Senior/Graduate Students 4
      • Senior 4
      • Junior 22
      • Sophomore 23
      • Freshman: 0
    • 2008: 50
    • 2007: 70
    • 2006: 40
    • 2005: 30
  • Pledges/new members in 2009: 23
  • Pledges/new members anticipated in 2010? 30
  • Percentage 2008’s pledges/new members initiated: 91%
  • Most recent chapter GPA: 2.6 (par with CSU Chico Men’s average)

Theta Chi / Eta Omega Alumni:

  • Year chapter chartered: 1982
  • Number of alumni: 700+
  • Number of alumni with good addresses: 350+
  • Date of incorporation: April 17, 1983
  • Number of years the current house has been used by the chapter: 25

Eta Omega Chapter House:

  • Year Built: 1895
  • Number of buildings: 2
  • Number of Rooms: 15
  • Number of Beds: 18
  • Number of parking spaces: 13′
  • Total square footage of land: 13,609 square feet
  • Approximate dimensions of land: 247’ x 55’
  • How many people does the occupancy permit allow to live in the building? 19 (17 in main house; 2 in back cottage)
  • Proximity to the University: 4 blocks (.4 mi)
  • Based on total available bed spaces, how many bed spaces have been filled over the past 5 years (total – as of the end of the first semester each year)?
    • 2009: 17
    • 2008: 17
    • 2007: 16
    • 2006: 17
    • 2005: 15
  • Read more about the chapter house…

27th Annual SF Giants Game Re-Cap (We’re 18-9!)

by Joe Silva

It was a smaller group than usual for the 27th Annual Eta Omega Alumni Giants Game, but it was a beautiful day and a great 6-1 win for the Giants over the Rockies (yes, they actually scored runs that day). We got together in Lot D before the game and put down a variety of brews, ate some delicious sandwiches cooked up by brother Vince (Salame) Licata, ate chips and peanuts, and BS’ed for awhile. Got into the game in the second inning (a record time) and sat in the Upper box seats, row 1. Nice view of the park and the bay from up there.

After watching the Giants crush the Rocks, many of us returned to the lot to quaff another beer, or a water for those driving, and wait for the traffic to die down. An awesome day all around that saw us push our OX record at the Giants game to 18-9!

Successful Alumni / Father's Weekend and Golf Tournament in Chico

by John Wenger


I am happy to report that Alumni Weekend / Fathers Weekend went off without a hitch. Everyone that came up last weekend seemed to leave town with a smile on their face. Overall Alumni Weekend brought roughly 300 Greek Alumni into town (not sure how many Theta Chi) and everyone seemed to have a blast.

Friday night the bars were packed, lines were long and drinks were flowing. Our fraternity house (surprisingly) stayed relatively quite during the night time with the occasional alumnus stopping by to take a look at the re-model.

Saturday the Active Chapter threw a Golf Tournament that included roughly 80 players in the field. Most of the field consisted of actives and their fathers, however, there were a handful of alumni participating as well. The tournament was a blast, the food was awesome, and the prizes for the raffle seemed to never stop! I encourage all alumni to try and participate in the tournament next year; you won’t be dissapointed. After the tournament the actives threw a party on 7th and Chesnut that included 5 to 6 beer pong tables, an open bar and Peter Smith running around trying to “Boat Race” everybody in the joint!

I’m sure a lot of alumni like myself, left Sunday feeling a little sub-par, but I’m sure everyone that attended will be back for more next year!

by Danny Kelchner

This past weekend, on May 1, we put on a Golf Tournament whose participants consisted of undergraduate brothers, their fathers and some alumni who were up in Chico for alumni weekend. Everyone enjoyed a day off golf at Tuscan Ridge golf course located off skyway. They were nice enough deal with us while everyone was drinking and having a great day of golf with their Dads or old friends. After everyone was done with their 18 holes we all met up for dinner and a Raffle of roughly 30 donated items (including a bicycle, a swiss army watch, gift cards, and more). Through everyone’s participation we raised $4,500 – a portion of which goes to Chico Green School. The event was not only a success but a blast for everyone who participated. We are already looking forward to doing the same thing next year and i hope you all will make the trip up and participate.

Orion Article Credits Eta Omega With Longevity

“Among other organizations that have lasted through the years is the fraternity Theta Chi, which has been in Chico for nearly three decades.

External Vice President Andrew Chalmers thinks they’ve made it so long because of the type of people they look for, he said.

“We’re all about bringing in men who are strong leaders that care about community involvement,” Chalmers said.

Having a cause and pushing to move away from a party-boy image are top priorities for Theta Chi, he said.”

Original article in the Orion