Alumni Weekend Reminder & State of the Chapter

Alumni Weekend Reminder

With Alumni Weekend coming up next week, it seems appropriate to send out an update on the “State of the Chapter” from the Active Chapter (see below). For all of you who are heading to Chico, remember to be smart and safe (if you’re going to drink, do so responsibly and stay away from the Chapter House), and have fun.

State of the Chapter

by Daniel Stellini – Chapter President

We’ve had a few challenges this year related to the Campus-wide Greek Life suspension, but our Chapter has been very successful in overcoming this major obstacle and keeping our brotherhood strong. After receiving a very good score on our presentation to the administration and complying with all the reinstatement guidelines our chapter was one of the first to be re-recognized by the school administration. We have had a huge success with recruitment taking in a class of 30 new members. Our current Chapter has 70 active members keeping us in the “top house” position with the largest IFC chapter on campus.

We continue to hold a very strong relationship with the community and other organizations on campus such as CAVE (Community Action Volunteers in Education) and CADEC (Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center.) We also have a few members that are part of CLIC (Campus Legal Information Center) who have made great leaps in raising the standards of our chapter as well as holding all other chapters accountable for their actions. We also continue to work with many other Greek organizations to do large community cleanups. We have also kept our sports teams competitive, taking the championship in football and softball last semester.

Our Chapter morale is high and we are motivated to do whatever it takes to keep our good standing with CSU, Chico. I am looking forward to another great year.

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