27th Annual SF Giants Game Re-Cap (We’re 18-9!)

by Joe Silva

It was a smaller group than usual for the 27th Annual Eta Omega Alumni Giants Game, but it was a beautiful day and a great 6-1 win for the Giants over the Rockies (yes, they actually scored runs that day). We got together in Lot D before the game and put down a variety of brews, ate some delicious sandwiches cooked up by brother Vince (Salame) Licata, ate chips and peanuts, and BS’ed for awhile. Got into the game in the second inning (a record time) and sat in the Upper box seats, row 1. Nice view of the park and the bay from up there.

After watching the Giants crush the Rocks, many of us returned to the lot to quaff another beer, or a water for those driving, and wait for the traffic to die down. An awesome day all around that saw us push our OX record at the Giants game to 18-9!

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