Send Us Your Updates for the 2009 Alumni e-Newsletter

Brothers,Its time to put together Eta Omega’s annual e-Newsletter, so I need bro updates…

Here’s the deal…if you are in any position where you market your company this is the time to do so. If you started a company or own your business this is the time to let people know. If you just had kid, got married, divorced, or know someone that did let me know. The newsletter is a great way to get your new business seen and let old friends hear about how life’s going.

I know the majority of my business and the people I do business with are bros or referrals from brothers. Don’t let a chance for free marketing pass you by! I need updates by Wednesday the 28th. Send me the dirt!!!!

Send an email to chris[at]bodeninsurance[dot]com

Chris Boden

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