2008 Alumni Weekend Scheduled for October 3-5 in Chico

It’s that time of year again – time for another crazy alumni weekend. Come run around town and pretend you’re still in college. The chapter is going strong and leading the Greek system and the alumni support is the best it has ever been. Come see what has changed and see whats still the same. The itinerary for this alumni weekend is:

DO WHAT EVER YOU WANT!!!! (uh, responsibly)

Go to your favorite bars, play a round of golf, hike through bidwell, whatever. This is just an invite for everyone to meet up and party like old times. Most of you will probably follow a schedule like this: 5pm Go to Rileys, 7pm power nap, 10pm Rileys, 2am Jacks, 3am til whenever lecturing about how your pledge class was the best. Do it all again Saturday.

Come Friday, or Saturday, or Both. Please be respectful and do not trash or party at the fraternity house. More information will be announced closer to the date.

Contact Peter Smith (F’03) to get a copy of the e-vite invitation so you can see who else is going: peter@hbds.org

Reserve your hotel room today:

  • Hotel Diamond: (530) 893-3100
  • Thunderbird Lodge: (530) 343-7911
  • Heritage Inn Express: (800) 660-1417
  • Days Inn: (530) 343-3286
  • Other options…

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