First Ever E-mail Newletter Gets Quick Donation Responses

Not even 45 minutes after we blasted a newsletter e-mail to the ~380 alumni e-mail addresses we have on file, we got 4 credit card donations. Quickest to respond with their wallets were (in this order):

  • Shane Pickett (S’87)
  • Poul Willerup (F’89)
  • Tyler Ticen (F’97)
  • Brian Alt (F’98)

Update (7/25): A couple more guys stepped up recently…

  • David Scotto (S’87)
  • Ed Stone (F’89)

Way to go guys – thank you. Every dollar is going to pay off the re-roofing project that was just completed. But we still have a long way to go.

Time for everyone else to chip in. When we receive checks, we’ll give credit on this site, too.

Here’s the e-mail newsletter, by the way (minus all the fancy photos)…

Eta Omega Chapter Update
July 2008: Keeping the Momentum


In 2007 we collected over $30,000 from alumni and celebrated our 25th anniversary. A dozen house projects including a complete remodel of the back cottage were completed. Meanwhile the active chapter had the highest rush numbers among all fraternities at Chico. Despite all the success we are not resting until the job is done. Theta Chi deserves a house worthy of its history and reputation at Chico State.

Big Goals More Achievable Than Ever
The alumni corporation has embarked on the process of conducting a feasibility study to determine the cost of a total house remodel. The goal of this remodel is to gut the house and start from scratch. This would involve redesigning the interior to create an environment specifically tailored to the needs of our undergraduate brothers. Currently, actives view living in the house as a sacrifice. Our beloved house is significantly below par with regard to standard living conditions around the campus. Our objective is to make the Theta Chi house competitive housing where “living in the house” is coveted by the actives as well as profitable for the chapter. At the completion of this plan we should have increased capacity as well the ability to charge more competitive rates for rent while providing a living situation unlike any other on campus. However this endeavor will cost over $300,000. In order to do this we need your support.

Incredible Alumni Support
Since 1982 Eta Omega has initiated over 700 members. Let me say that again, 700 members. We have the highest number of initiates of any Theta Chi chapter since 1982 and more than any chapter established back to 1972. This is unprecedented. That level of success inspires many to volunteer their time and resources towards our continued success. Like Jeremy Reither, who spent hundreds of hours in 2007 planning and executing last year’s alumni fundraiser and 25th anniversary celebration. Like Erick Sondeno and Jim Hull who worked countless hours managing the remodel of the back cottage. There are many others who could be listed as donating their time to keeping Eta Omega’s doors open. None of these individuals could have done this without those who made financial contributions.

Eta Omega Has Something Others Don’t 
The Chico Greek culture has undergone numerous changes and challenges since many of us left campus. There have been a number of chapters who have come and gone. Chapters that have either died out or had their charters revoked include TKE, Delta Sigma Phi, Beta Theta Pi, Lambda Chi Alpha, ZBT, Pi Beta Phi, and Pi Kappa Phi. There are some new houses on campus including Sigma Pi, Alpha Delta Phi, Alpha Phi, Sigma Chi, and Kappa Sigma (in process of colonizing). The reason I point this out is that some of the closed chapters were once strong and now they no longer exist. Those that folded all had one thing in common; they each lacked alumni involvement.

Those of us involved with the fraternity in our postgraduate years have learned that many if not all of the strong chapters nationwide have continued success due not to their location on campus or their Greek Cup standings but from the strength of their alumni. Alumni play a pivotal role in guiding, mentoring, supporting, and assisting the undergraduates in the management of many aspects of the house corporation.

What Kind of Alumni Are You? 
Continued success is having a model for others to follow. What kind of alumni would you have liked while an undergraduate?  You have the opportunity to be that person and be a part of something truly great.  A donation today is the way to start.
Funds raised this summer will put us one step closer to a house fitting the Eta Omega chapter, specifically, a new roof and rain gutters. The work is already underway, in anticipation of donations to help pay for it.
I am asking each and every one of you who receive this letter to be a part of Eta Omega history and contribute today. Every man counts and no donation is too small.  “We are only as strong as our weakest link” could not be truer as alumni today than when you pledged. Please send the most generous gift you can, as soon as possible…and forward this newsletter to your pledge brothers!

How You Can Help: 

Make a pledge online at
Mail a check, payable to ‘Theta Chi Alumni’ to:

                Theta Chi Alumni
                c/o: Jeremy Reither
                2269 Chestnut Street, #907
                San Francisco, CA  94123

Ed Stone (F’89) – Alumni Fundraising Chairman

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Fundraising Board Members
Ed Stone  (F’89) – Alumni Fundraising Chairman
Mark Geenen (F’80) 
Brian D. (F’82)
Tyler T. (F’97)
Jeremy Reither (F’95) – Alumni Treasurer

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