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About the OX List

The OX List was initially a listserv e-mail distribution list (created in 1996 by Ryan Esposto (F’95)) hosted by the University. It essentially allowed members to send e-mails to everyone in the group with a single e-mail address. The e-mail address – no longer active – was In 2005 we moved the “OX List” to Yahoo Groups, where it’s still active. But Facebook has taken over as the default social media outlet for the chapter, especially among younger members.

In 2005, nearly 10 years after its inception, the OX List had about 100 registered members. The volume of e-mails, about 200/month at its peak, warranted a better platform – one that could allow members to limit the e-mails they received from the List, for example. Jeremy Reither (F’95) and Ryan Esposto moved the group to Yahoo Groups in January, 2006. Nearly every member from the old listserv registered on the new List, and then some. As of June 8, 2008 the new Yahoo Groups OX List had 161 members, and was as active as ever. In 2011 Eta Omega’s Facebook group overtook the OX List in terms of number of members.

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